I need help with change in script!

I am new, I started a story in 2019 and I was really a noob at that time. I continued the story and I completed the last chapter today. I was wondering if I could change my script like transitions and spot directing, dialogs etc. Cause my first few episodes are so cringy. I want to ask if I’d change my script will the readers have to start from episode 1 again or will they start from where they have left reading. Please help me with this.

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I was wondering the same thing tbh. Sorry, i’m not much help :slightly_frowning_face:

The readers will have to read the same chapter or the previous chapter from where they left.

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so it means that if i change chapter 1, a reader who completed chapter 8 will have to only re read chapter 8

Yes! But only of you have edited chapter 7 too. If not then they can continue to read the rest of the chapters.

but you can’t really re-read a chapter, you have to re-read the whole story

You can re read a chapter if it has been edited. You don’t always have to re read the whole story.

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how can you re- read a chapter??? It’s not possible

You can. For example: If I read chapter 4 and the author edited chapter 4, then I will have to re read it.


how??? Can i have a example?

I don’t have a example right now, maybe try searching up a screenshot.

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Wdym searching up a screenshot

Agree with @June_Sinclair


Search a screenshot where it shows to re read a chapter. Because I don’t have any example for you.

Thank you

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I don’t have any screenshots, cause it isn’t possible

@June_Sinclair is correct and to prevent making readers re-read every time you edit a chapter (and publish), I’d recommend editing/improving all of the chapters you want to enhance (saving each chapter after you’ve improved it) and then and only then, pressing publish after you’re totally satisfied with each chapter you’ve improved, otherwise if you press publish every time you edit a chapter - readers will have to continuously re-read until you’re satisfied with your story. :relaxed:


Yeah this is the best tip ever to prevent continuous re read of chapters.

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i don’t see a option to re-read a certian chapter

We’re not given the option to re-read a certain chapter. You can only re-read the whole story.

But in a different case, say the author published up to episode 5, and you read until the end of episode 5… If the author edit episode 5 and publish episode 6 after that, you have no option but to re-read episode 5.