I need help with changing clothes

So I’m writing my first episode, and so far I’ve done great with it but I’ve just ran into a problem with changing clothes. When I do the command to change the clothes, it changes my characters outfit into that outfit for the entire episode, instead for just that scene. How do I stop it from doing that?

I’ve even watched the tutorial for changing the clothes, and also read the guidelines, and there’s is nothing that is directed to solve this problem.

You’d have to change the character clothes back, if you want it to only be changed for one scene

Sooo like after I’m done with that scene, change back into the default clothing?


Okay so, I’m still kind of confused as to what you mean. If you could go into a little bit more detail? I think I’m overthinking it a bit much.
So sorry…xx

So the character will start in the default outfit, right?
You do your whole first scene and then let’s pretend you have a flashback scene so you do
Then you write the whole flashback scene here
And they you want to go back to the original scene, so you would do
@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_default
And then you could do the scene change and the character would be wearing the first outfit

I’m just using flashback as an example, you’d need to change the outfit names to whatever you’ve named them


Ahh that makes so much more sense now! Thank you so much!!
Also, one last question, would I have to put that command in for every scene? Like how you have reset the zoom or speech bubble, would I have to do that for outfits?
Thank you once again! You’re a life saver lol

Yep. Everytime you want to change an outfit, you need to add that code in


I am new here and trying to do my first story. It’s hard. Everyone that is making a story or that has make it looks so easy. I have a couple issues. The clothes thing is one, how to make them lay down is two but all in general how to make them eat lay down have on nothing but a towel the struggle is real. Thanks for any type of help.

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Sadly because it’s customised characters, I’m not sure which one I’d set :sweat_smile: I love a particular hairstyle though :blush:

go-to outfits and simply create new outfit where she will have on just the towel and save if under a new name, for example, CHAR_towel

Then when you need the character to change to the new out you write code:
@CHAR changes into CHAR_towel

To lay character down you make him do lay animation

for example idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop
@CHAR is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop