I Need Help With Changing OutFits In The Story


OK I Know How To Change Outfits But At The Beginning Of The Story I Want The Male Character To Have A Tuxedo On ( Which It Already Did Have One On ) Then I Want The Male Character To Take A Shower Then Change In Towel The Go Closet and Change Into Pizza T-Shirt and Red Jeans ( But When I Changed The Clothes The Outfit Was Shown In The Beginning of the story


Send script (screenshot)



@example changes into example


i know that but im talking about changing in different because i changed a male character in the 2nd scene but the outift was on the male in the first scene




What exactly do you need help with?


changing outfits in different scenes


@CHARACTER changes into outfit_example - this is how you do this ( the outfit name should become pink once you save your script)

I don’t see this code anywhere in your screenshots?


I have a similar problem. I have my character wearing something in the beginning of the story but after i added a choice of outfits she is wearing those in the beginning when I don’t want her to.


Because at the beginning of my story she is wearing a school uniform then later I let you choose an outfit to wear. Then when I played the story at the beginning she was wearing one of my options instead of the school uniform.


Never mind it was a glitch for me.


Girl We Have The Same Problem


It’s so frustrating.


Yes It Is


did u figure out how to fix it


Yeah thx


Can U Help Me