I need help with character last names



Hey guys I recently started writing my first story but I don’t know what last names I should use for my MC

the girl’s first name is Lienna and the guy’s name is Jax what should their last names be?


What’s the nationality of your characters ? (So that I can search corresponding last names)


@littlenolwen the guy is black or African American but I’m not sure what I should make the girl but I definitely want the girl to be hispanic


Lienna smith


Jax walker


@Dangrousdiva I like that, I will think about it


Jax Moore
Jax Wright
Jax Williams
jaw Wilson

Lienna Torres
Lienna Rivera
Lienna Vasquez


Go here https://www.rong-chang.com/namesdict/100_last_names.htm


Linenna Brown
Jax Adams


Rios and Anderson.


@littlenolwen Those are great thanks


Try looking through a phonebook. That’s how you get last names that sound real.


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