I need help with characters coming into the scene

I want my character to into the scene from the left, when I put where I want him to stand he comes from the right.

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You have to enter

@CHARACTER enters from left to (wherever he is supposed to go)

What she said :rofl:
Or are you using spot directing ??
because if thats the case that command won’t work

i am using spot directing

Then you’ll have to have the character stand offscreen and then walk to the spot

Then you have to place your character off screen but on the left side then make him walk to the spot you want

What I said :smirk:

thank you

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:joy::joy::joy: great minds think alike

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i want to have the character stand offscreen, but im not sure how to move the background to have it be more in the middle instead of off to the side where i have it

Its not the background you have to move you just have to me you character off screen! Just move it to the left side until you don’t see it anymore

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