I need help with characters entering

so i have a problem, i want my characters to enter from right and i made the code but it still says that heir’s a problem
here is what i got:

(they’re both wrong)

what does the error say

use @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y

I run into that issue sometimes. Copy and cut the text. Save. Exit out. Re-enter. Paste it back.

Sometimes that works for me

thank you

it doesn’t work unfortunatly

Remove the “in zone 2” and just have @cut to zone 2
Before the entrances?

Remove the in zone 2 and put @cut to zone 2 as said above. Also. It looks like your characters will be floating accross the screen instead of walking. Is that correct? If you want them to do the animation after they have entered the scene, put THEN CHAR is animation

thank youu

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