I need help with coding (ishh)

So how do u do like hand overlays. i know how to make overlays and stuff but how do i do that the reader can choose the skin colour the mc and li have so then i can make different scenes with different skin colours?

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You’d probably have to limit them to only a few skin tone options (light, medium, dark) and then use the if/else/elif thing to remember the choice later on

do i have to make 3 random characters to add points to them so then i can use if/else/elif?

No, you don’t need to. You just need three different versions of the same limb overlay: light, medium, and dark skin

Oh my sweet child, I really don’t recommend this… :sweat_smile:

First you’ll have to make the reader choose their skin color in a separate choice and gain it.
The coding would go like this:

if (neutral00){
@overlay HAND NEUTRAL 00 create
@overlay HAND NEUTRAL 00 opacity 1 in 0
}elif (neutral01){
@overlay HAND NEUTRAL 01 create
@overlay HAND NEUTRAL 01 opacity 1 in 0

And so on for every skin tone (about 60 I think).

OR you limit it to light, medium and dark. It won’t be as acurate but it’ll spare you some nerves, time and skript lines lol. Many authors choose this option over then first :slight_smile:

how do i make the story remember what skin colour the reader chose?

Oh okay thank u . I’ll be sure to stick to the 3 LOOL :))))

if, else, and elif. You can find a tutorial here: (It’s in classic but should be pretty similar)

Yes, do! The coding is simple:

Please choose a skin tone that descirbes yours best:
“Light” {
gain skin_light
}“Medium” {
gain skin_medium
}“Dark” {
gain skin_dark


if (skin_light) {
@overlay HAND LIGHT create
@overlay HAND LIGHT opacity 1 in 0
}elif (skin_medium) {
@overlay HAND MEDIUM create
@overlay HAND MEDIUM opacity 1 in 0
}elif (skin_dark) {
@overlay HAND DARK create
@overlay HAND DARK opacity 1 in 0

OHH oki thank u so much

Thank u so much!!! <3333

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No problem!

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