I need help with coding! 😭😭

i want to learn how to code but the tutorials don’t help me very well, and i want someone to help me with coding advice so i can start my own story. anyone up to it? :relaxed:

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Hi…!!! I don’t know if any-one will help out because they are busy with stuff or they’re own stories or story, no hates…… yes you wants someone advances to help you and read the guides, just keep read-ing and try-ing till you get.!! It is hard. But… again just do it and try it. I think too every popular or advanced author had issues , but they don’t give up. So don’t give up and read the guides and try and try…!:yellow_heart::smile:

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Sorry…! I don’t know how to help you.! And pls don’t message on some-one else’s topic it will gets flagged.


okay. thank you :grin:

Hey Rorsie,

I was wondering what tutorials where u watching. And like what exactly do you need help coding with?

I was wondering this too. Do you prefer watching videos or having it written out?

I can definitely recommend either Joseph Evans’ tutorials or Dara’s.
Episode themselves are also releasing Episode Academy which can help get you started, but they only have the basics. Once you get comfortable, you can branch out into different areas.

If you get stuck coding a particular scene, or you run into an error you don’t know how to fix, just ask us here on the forums and we can help!


Honestly, I would love to help guide you through coding! I was once in that situation so I know how stressful it is.

I’m assuming you want someone like a tutor? Someone who can give you the lessons you really need to start coding?

Hey I sent you a pm

I can kinda help u when u get errors and sorta showing u but it’ll depend on if / when I’m busy but there is a episode gc that can help out just pm whenever and I’ll get back to u when possible

Just like Marysol here, I’m willing to help you or give advice here and there if and when you might need it! (:

Just keep in mind that I won’t always be online though because of time zones, work etc.


thank you so much!

thank you! :blush:

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okay :heart:

thank you a lot!! :hugs:

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yep! something like that

i mostly need help with advanced directing and coding mini games and stuff!