I need help with cover art!

And when I say help, I mean I need someone to make me one. But I also need help deciding what it should look like. I didn’t really know where to look so I just thought I’d start a new thread asking specifically for anyone interested in making this for me.

It’s the small cover I need so the 420x580 and it’s for my (fairly) new story “Reformed”. Here’s my current cover:


Yes, I made it using pic collage :woman_facepalming:

Mainly I don’t like it anymore because I think there’s too much going on and also, my story is a romance which you can’t really tell from the title or cover atm.

Idk, I just need help. If anyone’s interested, I can give more details on what I’m thinking and I’m open to input! PM me here or on IG @cordeliam.episode

Thanks in advance! :yellow_heart:

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Hey! I can make really good covers for you!
Go over to my thread:

And fill out a form on there!

Okay, thanks!

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I’m actually going to talk my ideas through with a few people first because I still don’t really know what I want. But if I decide on a cover in the styles you do, I’ll be sure to fill out a form!

Okay, sounds good, dearie!

I think it looks good! I suggest going on picmonkey, or another place where you can give it some touch ups if you feel that’s necessary.

Thanks! I’m just really not an artist… idk, I feel like it’s lacking an artist’s touch

Really? Aww, that’s sweet! Idk, I guess I thought you can just really tell it’s been made by a total amateur? But thanks, I guess I might think about editing my own seeing as I’m super picky and don’t even know what to ask for if I ask someone else

So true!! I don’t think you need to redo it AT ALL !

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ALSO as long as we’re talking about you read stories because of covers like mine. No pressure but the story is called “Reformed”. It’s about a girl called Violet who at first glance appears to be a “good girl” until the new bad boy shows up and tries to bring out the bad girl in her. Annndd she gives him way more than he bargained for.

I know this is not supposed to be a self-promotion thread… but if you’re interested: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4696324662099968 :wink:

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Aw, thanks everyone! I guess I just got to doubting myself because I’ve seen some really amazing professional-looking covers out there and I thought mine looked really… beginnerish

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It’s fine!!
Do you want to see covers I have made?

Yes, I’d love to!!

Theres my edit I made today ^^^

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Ooh I really really like the edit that’s your profile picture! People have inspired me to try working on my own covers more but I’d love an edit that I could use for my profile pic?

Ah, okay! I can make you one!Just GO to the THREAD and comment IN the thread with the form attached!

Okay, will do, thanks!

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View this link: Covers, Splashes, Backgrounds, Overlays, Characters, & Art Resources - CLOSED, see Plethora Graphics This is all my work and I’m positive you won’t regret it!

Wattpad Covers

Episode Covers




This background is only one panel which means it’s the only zone.

This background, however, has two panels (two zones).

If you have any random picture that you wish to make as a background but doesn’t fit (too small or too big) then request and I’ll resize it!

Profile Pic

I can even do your profile picture to be just like mine or if you want to put any special art into it. Like:




Here, I made an overlay of this background:


And it turned out like this:


Request Layout
  1. Name of auther (either real or username)
  2. Type of art (small, big cover, splashes, backgrounds, overlays, etc.)
  3. Backgrounds, overlays, colors
  4. Title of book
  5. Genre (fiction, horror, thriller, etc.)
  6. Feel of the cover (joyous, sad, etc.)
  7. Placing of characters (optional)
  8. Character looks (optional)
  9. Character outfits (outfit)
  10. Any other details you would like to add
  11. Urgent time/ due date (I’ll try…)

Stay gold,
Briar Rose :grin: