I need help with Covers and backgrounds

I’m new to making story’s I’m just used to watching everyone’s else’s . But i’m a couple story’s now , and I need a Writing partner ( To make this episode more interesting .) And a Person To help with Backgrounds and Covers for my story’s . If someone could help that’ll be very nice and I’ll also put there Social’s in my story and When the person make’s the background’s/Covers you can add your social’s ! I’m very nice too ! Thank youu :yellow_heart:!!

I can make covers

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I could help with a few ideas and I’m also Looking for a Partner, because I didn’t used my “english Knowledge” since years

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I can do covers if you are still interested!
I made a recent thread about covers and splashes, feel free to check it out cause there are also some examples!

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Hey! I can do edits and overlay’s for you if would like! I can also help you write your story!

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Btw, Welcome to the forums!

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Can you help with Limelight’s :yellow_heart:?

Can you help with a limelight cover :sparkles:?


Do you mean an edit?

If so, I can totally help