I need help with creating episodes



I need some help… I’m very new to episode, and I wanna startwriting, but I need help creating a story, I need some topics to brainstorm, and I wanna know how to make scenes like “pano” and how to make characters move and stuff, if anyone can help me that would be great :heart:️:heart:️ And any other tips you have would be appreciated! Tell me everything! Lol


I’ll try to help! What exactly do you need help with?


@QueenChick Before you start writing on the portal go through the guide in writer’s portal to get a clear idea of the coding required. If you have any doubt or problem we are here to help you. :blush:


Where do I find that at??


It feels like everything lol I don’t know what kind of story I’m going for even :frowning:


Well I would come up with that first lol


In the writer portal