I need help with creating my episode, I have a few coding questions. Also anyone good with covers/art

How do I give the readers an option to make their own names?

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Would this be correct?

Well, is Abby the main character? If so, you might want to change her name (or display name) to YOU. Then, in the future, you can do things like:

Hi, [NAME]!

Okay, I’ve changed her display name. When previewing it though, would I be able to see the option to customize her name? If so it is not showing.

you need to preview it on your phone, type-in choices don’t work on Web Preview :slight_smile:

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If you preview it on the web, it’ll just call you autobot. But don’t worry, that happens to everyone. If it says autobot, that means it’ll work on the app.

input What’s Your Name? | What’s Your Name? | Done (NAME)

Then whenever you use the name in the story, you just type [NAME]

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