I need help with creating young children and making them stay small!


Hi guys, I need help with exactly what I wrote in the title. How do I make small children and keep them small. If I make a character small and I tell them to walk to a certain position in turns them back into their default size. I hope this makes sense. Can anyone help?


You have to spot them:

@CHAR spot S X Y

S= size, how big they are (regular size is 1.280 for Ink)

And then when you want them to walk:

@CHAR walks to spot S X Y in T

Keep the size the same.


okay so, you already know how to make them a certain size right?
for example, when they walk off screen, don’t say
@CHARACTER exits right
When the child exits, go to directing helper > spot helper > and then drag the character so she’s offscreen and then copy it, E.G
@CHARACTER walks to spot— if you need any help with it, DM me so I can show you on insta @author.y.w


Thank you both so much!!!


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