I need help with customised character overlays

I have seen in stories that once the reader has customised their character, their customised character is used as an overlay on an ID card or something. I’m writing a detective story, and I want the readers to have the option to CC and I thought that it might be nice to have their customised character, rather than the base character.


I’m guessing They just put the character there And the character isn’t a overlay in that scene But I’m not entirely sure

If you want to have a character to look like MC, which is customized by the reader, you just need to type:
@MC1 becomes MC

This is mostly used in LL as there are some animations that are frozen (pose animations). Also doable in ink if you’re able to do some pretty advanced directing. The ID cards are used as overlays with a hole in it where you would place your character behind the card. If you let your reader choose their name you can also put their name on the ID card using a text overlay -
@overlay NAME create text [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME]
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0
NAME would be what you call the text overlay.
[FIRST NAME] and [LAST NAME] is what you refer to when you code the name input.
You can then animate it like a normal overlay and add text effects :blush:

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