I need help with customizing

Hey I need help with the MC’s mom to look like her, I used dara.amarie.ep template but I’m having trouble can someone please help me or explain it to me.

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All templates can be found here: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

From there you’ll get:

When you click the link, you’ll arrive here:

Hopefully this helps :black_heart:


I actually have not tested this out but i hope it works :point_down::point_down::point_down:


Yea thanks I’m using that one but how do I get the things people choose for MC to also affect the MC’s mom.

@MOM becomes MC

Optional features to add on:

@MOM changes bodyColor into Color

@MOM changes eyebrows into Eyebrow

@MOM changes eyebrowsColor into Color

@MOM changes face into Face

@MOM changes eyes into Eyes

@MOM changes eyesColor into Color

@MOM changes mouth into Mouth

@MOM changes mouthColor into Color

@MOM changes hair into Hair

@MOM changes hairColor into Color

@MOM changes nose into Nose


Okay i’m check it out thanks

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When you write this, all the features that the reader selected for the MC also become the features that the mom has. Feel free to add other features below (the options I’ve mentioned) so there’s a bit of difference between them. BTW Include this line of code at the very end of the CC template when the MC has finished getting customized and walks off.

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okay let me make those changes thanks

My template automatically makes the family for you, you just have to make the characters if you want to use that instead of creating one. Mines also makes hair texture, eyes, hair color and every single feature based off of thee MC but so they look related and not just a skin tone match or like the same people

Yes please, were can I find it at.

it was linked above

Okay thank you :smile:

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