I need help with directing.. Help!

I can’t seem to get rid of the error

I think you need a { after “yes”.

You would also need one } before “nope”, a { after “nope”, a } before “choice”, and then you would remove the “” from the choice (because with the quotations it thinks it is an option)

That should work, I think?

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It might also be that

  1. You have 2 underscores. You may only be allowed to have one, like goto_story

  2. Are you trying to say that it is the label goto_the_story, or goto label goto_the_story? In other words, is that the label or are you trying to go to the label from there.

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I’ll try this now

This is a dressing game, right? I can make a template with your character’s name and outfits if you want, just pm me :wink:

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AWW hey girl, the template you gave me works but I think I made a bug in it

Yeah, you kinda mixed things up :sweat_smile:. You want me to do it for you?

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:cry: yes please lord correcting errors is a pain

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Alrighty. Pm me your character’s name and the outfits’ names

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