I need help with directing please

Hello there , I am struggling with my story horribly .

  1. I need help making the screen follow the character while walking .

2 . I need to know how to zoom out , if possible .

  1. I need to know how to make the character lay in a bed , that is my own background please . I kept placing the character in the scene and they are nowhere to be found .

Please help me .

1- @follow CHARACTER to position in zone #
Example: @follow DAISY to screen right in zone 2

2- @zoom reset or @zoom on x y to 100% in T
Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

3- You need to spot your character onto the bed with spot direction. If you placed your character in the scene while doing the laying animation, your character is there, you just can’t see them because they are laying horizontally offscreen. You just need to move them around with spot direction: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)


Oh thank goodness for you . Thank you so much

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im just trying to get my character to walk from a different spot to another in the same zone. so that her sister can walk into the spot she stood at so they can talk.

Ik how to get the camera to follow just want to mover her around.

here’s what I got.
ANGEL (talk_shrug_neutral)
Where’s you sister?

@speechbubble is 102 234 to 90% with tail_top_right
KELAHNI (talk_sarcastic)
Her highness should be on her way down now.

@ANGEL is laugh_chuckle
&ANGEL exits right AND ANGEL does it while walk_talk_neutral_loop.

That girl would be late to her own funeral I see.

&KELAHNI is eyeroll_subtle
@speechbubble is 99 237 to 90% with tail_top_right
KELAHNI (talk_apathetic)
Got that right.

@KELAHNI walks to zone 1 in 2 & KELAHNI does it while read_phone_neutral_loop

@YAHNI enters from right to screen right

@speechbubble is 163 208 to 90% with tail_top_right
YAHNI (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Excuse you.

@KELAHNI walks to screen left AND KELAHNI faces left.

this shows her walking upon Kelahni. I want Kelahni to move and read on her phone.

You need to specify a position, not the zone. You aslo can’t use the & sign there, it needs to be “and” or “AND”

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all!