I need help with directing this scene

SAGE (idle_rear)
(Maybe he needs a little push.)
@SAGE is tinker_loop_rear
&ADRIAN is run_fall THEN SAGE is idle_rear
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 320 0 to 257% in 1
@pause for 2
&ADRIAN spot 0.540 112 202
ADRIAN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
Why me?

So that’s my scene and I was wondering if anyone knows how to keep the character (Adrian) in the same spot he fell in. Because when I do another animation after run_fall Adrian’s spot changes. If anyone knows what to do please let me know!!

What spot is he in when he falls? Is he in spot 0.540 112 202? because if he is not then you’re moving him to a new spot

The issue is resolved, thanks.

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