I need help with directing

Okay so basically I’m trying to make some of my characters do some animations, but their not. If you look at the pic, this is how I have my script set up. Now everything is going along PERFECTLY expect where its says @KELLY starts. That’s where I’m having the problem at. None of the four characters in that line are doing their animations.

And I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Somebody please help me, !

I don’t know either, maybe try replacing “starts” with “is”

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OMG thank you soooooooo much <3

@Liz Can you close this thread please. Thank you <3

ask @Jeremy or @Sydney_H to close this thread

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Hi @Deessy! Liz is not a moderator so please make sure to ask @Sydney_H or myself to close threads. Thanks!

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Closed as per Op request