I need help with directing!


In my story, one of the characters gets very, very, very drunk and has fainted… I was wondering if there was a way for another character (her best friend) to ‘drag’ her away off screen? I thought it’d be quite funny for a comedy story…:joy:
Some help would great! I’m still learning :joy: :sob:


You could try something like:
@FRIEND is kneel_reach (or reach_kneel_rear) AND MC is lay_asleep_loop
@FRIEND spot x y %
@FRIEND walks to spot x y % in 2 AND FRIEND does it while tinker_loop_kneel AND MC walks to spot x y % in 2 AND MC does it while lay_asleep_loop

This is the closest thing to what you ask that I could think of. You need to spot them correctly though and have them face the correct way etc :slight_smile:


Oh my god!! Thank you so much, you’ve literally saved me days of stress trying to work this out!! :joy: :joy
Thank you so much for the fast reply as well!! You’re star!!


Haha thank you, glad this worked out :slight_smile:


I need help with moving characters across the screen. Not like walking but for an example, in some stories, I see characters fly. Like how do you do that?


Sorry I haven’t replied!! It is the exact same as the example above!! The characters don’t actually walk so long you type a flying animation… So I’d do it somewhere along the lines of @CHARACTER walks to spot x y % in 2 AND CHARACTER does it while swim_rear
It should look like as though they are flying! :joy:


thanks, what about making the characters slide down the screen? Like in some stories when the characters are getting intimate, they slide down the screen. how do you do that?


Same as shown above, except with a different animation.

@CHARACTER walks to screen center AND CHARACTER is idle