I need help with drives and creating

I need help with uploading overlays and backgrounds from someone’s drive. I also need help with knowing how to make your own overlays. Please help!

Uploading Overlays:
In the Episode Portal, go you Art Catalog
Click Overlays
Click where it says Available for ALL Stories so that it changes to Uploaded to YOUR Account!
Click Select Image
Size it in the previewer
Name it and upload!

To Make Your Own Overlays
Find an image of something you want as an overlay
Download iBisPaint X
Use the eraser to erase everything you DONT want in the overlay
If it has a white background, use the magic wand to select the white and then click the box near the top center of screen and click cut
Erase any remaining white
Save the image as a Transparent PNG
Either upload it on your phone or send it to yourself via email or google drive and upload it on your computer
Size it name it and upload!

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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Thank you!

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