I need help with edditing a background


Can someone help me with edditing this background

i want all the red parts to be black


Sure I can do that for you.


I’ll get started immediately


thank you so much



Bit rough, I’m sure the other person could probably do a better job! Haha!


Wow great work. Are you in an art group?


Nope, I only started editing last week :slight_smile:


Would you like to join episode dreams?


Yeah sure why not :slight_smile:


OMG. i love it!!! thank you so much


The edges are a bit sloppy so if when you use the background and do any zooming it’s obvious and really messy then let me know and I’ll redo it and try and clean it up a little.

Unfortunately the recolor I would use on photoshop was turning it into a maroon instead of a black so I had to overpaint it!


I’m gonna zoom in with this background


Let me know how it goes when zooming in, if it’s not great I’ll redo it for you :slight_smile:

It’s a bit late so I’m a little sluggish haha!


I’ll let you know. do you have an instagram?



I’ve only just started posting :slight_smile:


okay. I’ll say it was you who made the background. ow and it goes goed with zooming


That’s great! I’m glad it worked okay!

Thank you :slight_smile:



wow, how’d you do that? :open_mouth:


Magic… :joy::joy::wink: