I need help with errors

Can you please help me with errors on the picture

Too many errors to fix. You have 3 lines in one.
You start codes with missing @

Look through it and much you can fix by yourself.


Can you copy and paste, it would be done much faster?


There’s way too much happening on the same line, commands & outfit changes, try fixing the dialogue and commands the best you can, if there’s still any issues, then show a new example of your script with the new errors.


Thanks for telling me about the mistake and I will fix this after try to play grand theft auto on my iPad.

Have you tried watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube? Those help. This is also an amazing thread to check out: "List" of Helpful Threads

In addition episodelife (a wonderful website) and https://www.dara-amarie.com/ have amazing templates that you can use (as well as helpful guides).


Thanks you for mention about that. :grin:

No problem, good luck :+1:

I still try to fix number 2 but it still say error. :rage:

I try to fix it but I need a laptop but my stubborn mother and she keeps bullying me. I did want to go to college to continue my education but she want me to work. What could I do now?

I do two day but I’m sick of it.