I need help with fade!

Can someone help me with this fade?
In the beginning, the scene fades in. But in a second, this scene fades away and goes to next.
I would really appreciate if you can reply!

try putting ‘in’ before 2

@transition fade out black in 2?

Sorry, can you tell me in which line I type that?

@transition fade in black in 2

It didn’t work. Same as before.

could you copy and paste your script here please?

I already did that and it’s still the same.
But thank you for trying!

&pan to zone 3 in 4
@transition fade in black in 2
&AB1 spot 0.204 207 463 in zone 3 AND AB1 faces right AND AB1 is walk_neutral_loop AND AB1 walks to spot 2.009 426 -524 in zone 3 in 10
&AB3 spot 0.821 106 209 in zone 3 AND AB3 faces right AND AB3 is listen_phone_excited_loop
&AB4 spot 0.371 267 406 in zone 3 AND AB4 faces left AND AB4 is walk_exhausted_loop AND AB4 walks to spot 0.200 151 487 in zone 3 in 7
@transition fade out black in 2

I’m confused. Do you want it to fade out or is it a glitch that you’re trying to stop?

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it’s because while you’re fading out you don’t give your scene time to play out because of the & sign.

why don’t you try pausing for a beat a few times before fading out?


Yeah put a @pause for a beat (or how ever long) before the fade out


It works now!!!
Thank you so much!!!

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no problem! :))

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