I need help with figuring out what should happen between major events

Hii, I’m writing a story about a girl who is in an accident, and wakes up in the hospital, where she is diagnosed with amnesia. What I’m trying to figure out is what should happen in between major events. Like the inciting incident is that someone tries to kill her, and the plot point will either be that she actually gets shot later into the story, or it will be the same event as the inciting incident, but I’m leaning more towards her actually getting shot later in the story. So this guy who took her to the hospital pretends not to know her, and his boss tells him to keep an eye on the MC, so he fails to protect her I guess, but after she gets shot, she wants him to teach her how to fight. Now I don’t know what’s supposed to happen in between these events, and that’s the problem. (Also, her goal is to find out who is trying to kill her and why, after she does that, the goal will change.)

First of all, you should create subplots to keep the story interesting and not too heavy. Second, just keep writing to drive the plot forward. Whenever you feel like nothing is happening, think of the climax and ending and ask yourself what’s leading to this moment.

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Do you have any ideas of what I could have as subplot?

I don’t know your story so no :sweat_smile: but a subplot could be a relationship, a side conflict, etc.

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Alright, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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No probs! :blush:

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Hi I would sugest to write down the main points and than look on what you need ner to happen to get form A B

If the story starts in hospital so probably will neeed to focuse first on her trying to find out who she is.
There is a guy who took her to hospital…OK is he there with her to protect her? how is their inrteraction?
Do the doctor and she know her real name wgho she is or is she in situation nobody knows her?

If she knows her name has her ID card atc… she will probably want to go to flat look throug phone contact people who might know her to get informqtions who she is…which might be interesting.

If she is “unknown” she will rfor sure want to talk to police how she was found what thay know about…maybe even police want to talk to her abvout what happened to her?

Id she is unknow where will she go from the hospital? She has no money no flat nobody…will she end up with that guy? What is their relationship …odes she trust him from the start or not?

Maybe she will develope some kind of normal life geting job in flower shopt atc and for some time she will have the happy little life in little town when suddenly somethind happens.shew can have eather like blink of memory or the bad guys find her so the guy and her has tu run away…she still dont know what happens starts to question him atc…


I will definitely try to think of these questions when writing the story. Thanks for your help :revolving_hearts:


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