I need help with @follow command asap

so basically, i want the camera to follow JAMES to a certain spot while he is running… and all the ideas i’ve tried are not working!!


&pan to zone 3 In 3

@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ in zone 3 in 3

Make sure the pan and walking time are the same


Can You send a screen shot of your script?
But until then I would use the command @follow JAMES to screen center in zone 2 replacing the spot direction with what you want.
If the timing isn’t correct you can also use
&zoom on xyz in zone 3 in 5 (Keep previewing to get the zoom time perfectly synced)
@JAMES walks to spot xyz in zone 3 in 5

i already tried it but it said there was an error…

thank you! i will try that

No problem.

Here’s what it looks like in practice

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