I Need Help With Grammar PLEASE


I did several times r4r and in response they said there was a grammar problem so someone could help I would be happy :wink:


I think I’m able to help


Thank you English this is your language


Yeah, kind of


What kind of :grinning:


Nvm it is my first language :joy:


Nvm ?


Nevermind :slightly_smiling_face:


You know English at least a good American style


Yes, I speak American


Ok now how do we do this how you correct me the grammar read the story then camera the mistakes and tell me how to write instead ?


Why don’t we share a google document? You copy paste your script there and I correct it.


how i do that ?



Give me your email and I’ll make a document


email is quite personal no ?:thinking:


Hmm, okey. We can make a pm, you send your script, I correct it and send it back to you


At least we’ll know each other a bit
How old are you


ok i try I’ll shoot every scene


I’m 14