I need help with hair and lip template limelight

Can someone help how to do the dara.amaria hair and lip template for limelight

Help you how?

I don’t know how to make the choice be only hair and lip if you know what I mean lol

I tried like you said but I still didnt get it correct

Make sure you replace FEMALEAVATAR or MALEAVATAR with your character’s script name. Follow the instructions the website has.

I didnt find it

Can you be more specific? What exactly isn’t working?

When I press ctrl t F a box came up and I typed in SKY but then it disappeared

You need to click on ALL on the grey box first before you type in your character’s name

Oh yeah that’s what I did and the it came off

That’s suppose to happen. The box disappears once you click on all and thats when you type in your character’s name

Where exactly should i type it?

You just type it…

Once you click on ALL, every single FEMALEAVATAR gets highlighted so just type the name and it replaces all those FEMALEAVATAR

Should i type it on a new line?

No, just type the name immediately after you click ALL

Ohk, thank you so much for your help💖

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