I need help with how to make a chacter lay down on bed

Do you know how I can make a character lay down and get out of bed. Thank you so much😄.

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this is the code I am using for laying down on the bed
@follow ARIA to screen center in zone 3
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@ARIA spot 0.902 -98 391
@ARIA moves to layer 3

@ARIA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@transition fade out black

Subsitute it with you Character’s name

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@CHARACTER is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

@LYNAI is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

for get up is
@CHARACTER starts standup_neutral
@LYNAI starts standup_neutral

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Thank you so much!

but for placing characters you need to use the directing helper

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