I need help with ideas

I don’t understand the category thing so I hope this is right.

Anyway, I’ve got some major writers block so has anyone got any ideas for RPs or SGs I can do?

Let me know, down below.

I would love to help you!

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Great! Wats Ur idea.

Oh, so you don’t have a story already?

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If you need any help I’m available

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What kinds of things are you interested in?

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Mystery, sci-fi, fantasy ect…

Do you like Royalty or Princesses or police and murder mysteries

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All of the above

You’ just like me then

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Would you write a story about a princess or a king?

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I’ve done that already XD

I beat ya to the punchline

You can do more

If it’s what you are good at

Just change it up a bit

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Do a sequel or a spinoff

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Hmm any ideas for RPs or SGs

What is RP and SG?

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RP is a Role Play

And SG is Story Game

Role play is just like creating a story I think

I’ve never heard of a story game before

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