I need help with if and eilf

Hello, so I’m making a story with vampires and I needed help here

if (Full Heart Pouty) {
@CHOLE changes mouth into Full Heart Pouty Vampire Fangs
} elif (Full Round Pouty) {
@CHOLE changes mouth into Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs

The problem is that when I would review the story it wont change her lips into the vampire version it will change it into the regular lips, could anyone help pls? :slight_smile:

if (Full Heart Pouty) {
#Full Heart Pouty code here.
#Other lip code here.

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This part doesn’t look right. Are these flags or?

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yes they’re flags

So under the mouth shape you’ve put =

gain Full_Heart_Pouty


If that doesnt work you can always use points system instead, just create a character with the lip names e.g. FULL HEART POUTY

Then when the reader selects Full Heart Pouty in customization just put @FULL HEART POUTY =1

Then code your if else like:

code here…

} else {
Code for other lip shape here

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alright ill try it

Flags can’t have spaces, only letters, numbers, and underscores


yes thats what i put

that worked thank you!

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