I need help with if/elif/else

I’m trying to remember an outfit on my next chapter but it wont work

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are you using gain. or is it by choice the if is. because if its choice a lot is wrong

I wrote the choice like this. Would I have to use the words I used for gain

okay you need to add, a thing I dont know what is called

the choice shall look like this

choice (something)
“option 1” {

“option 2”{

“option 3” {

then when you use the if it shall look like this

if (something is “option 1”) {

elif (something is “option 2”) {


put a word in parenthesis next to your choice; example:
choice (chapter1_outfits) or choice (dressup_1)

then when you go to remember it add the word you wrote into your if/elif; example:

if (chapter1_outfits is “party one”) {
@ MIA changes into party one
} elif (chapter1_outfits is “party Two”) {
@ MIA changes into party Two
} else {

So I changed it but it still saying the same thing

I see a couple things going on in your screenshots. can you copy/paste your choice and if/else sections?

So it’s only the word else that is not working I put the if and elif but else doesnt seem to work

I just figured it out thanks everyone

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