I need help with Indian culture!

I want to write about an Indian character, but I don’t want to get it wrong, and I don’t want to offend anyone! Does anyone have any knowledge of Indian culture, or at least has link for the sources that I can find this info on? Thanks! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

EDIT: I’m posting my indian character here, tell me if I should change something, is it not too stereotypical?


the traditions, the beliefs, the clothes that kind of stuff :innocent:

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Hello! I am Indian so I would love to share what I know!

My family is very cultural, but many families have different cultures. Not all Indians follow one thing…

So these are just the main ideas…

  • Some girls wear bindis as I do. I wear one to school and everywhere I go, but some people don’t like wearing it so they don’t. So, it will depend on the way your character’s family is.

  • Most Indians don’t wear short shorts or revealing clothes. We believe modesty is key. But, if your character’s family comes from a more modern one, that follows traditions but not as much, they would probably wear more revealing modern clothes.

  • Almost all Indians follow the custom of having an arranged marriage. You could google more facts about this since it differs from family to family.

  • Last one, but certainly not least, we all try to work as hard as we can at school. Usually, Indian parents suggest jobs like doctors and engineers, but that isn’t the case in most families. That is just a stereotype for Indians in general. Many Indians follow path careers of their choice.

  • Hindus are usually the ones that wear bindis. Indian Christians, or others of other religions, don’t. (Unless they want to ofc)

If you would like to know more, feel free to PM me! Hope this helps! <3



OMG thank you so much, If I’ll need help with anything, I will be sure to PM you! You are amazing :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :kiss:


Aww tysm! Hope your story goes well. If you post your story name and stuff on the forums, make sure to tag me because I would love to read it! <3


For sure! I’m just starting out the story so that means that the story will be out in… 2068! But If I’ll be alive by then I’ll tag you! :joy:


Lol thanks love!


and ask me anything in pm :hugs:

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now I am not Indian so I dont know anything, but I been told a Bindi its married woman who wear them


Hey…I am an Indian…
If you want you can ask me anything here or contact me on my Instagram @epi.rimsha


That is kumkum. They wear at the top of the head, near the start of the hairline, but bindi is in between the eyebrows… I have included pictures so you could help understand this better! <3

Kumkum and Bindi

also bindis are’t that big for casual wear… i wear a really small one :slight_smile:


okay thank you for clearing that up

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np girlie! <3

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I can help! You can pm or I can help you here and ask anything.

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Hiii… I’m also an Indian…

If you want some help about Indian culture and traditions then count me in…

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I can help you since I’m an Indian but let me know what help you exactly need!

I think you might be mistaking bindi for sindur, I come from a South Asian Muslim-dominant country and bindi(we call it “tip” in my language) is a pretty popular accessory for every religion in here, married or unmarried!

Also, the traditional (not casual or day-to-day) outfits of Indians that have been added by Episode in the outfits sections are Sari, bindi, anklets (foot bands), and Maang Tikka. You can make your Indian character wear these on a special occasion or something. But not in a party and day-to-day life! These are our ethnic outfits and accessories that we only wear on festivities.
You might also want to choose a warm or dusky complexion for your Indian characters as most Indians (not all) tend to have a wheatish or dusky complexion.
I know this is a tad uncomfortable point but - in Indian culture, pre-marital sex is not encouraged (Again, its not like people don’t do it, but its just not taken as a light matter. In super-orthodox households (which hold a relatively small number), even relationships are not thaaaat encouraged. But yet, many Indians do have relationships and commitments.

Something related to cuisine- Indians have a good appetite for spicy food. And there’s a good reason behind that which you can know in case you want through PMing me at @chinu_urf_sakshi chuckle

Something related to girls - although this does not apply to all again - Indian girls usually prefer long hair as in India, long tresses are taken as a symbol of natural beauty. But that’s not a compulsion.

And finally, Indian have a whole lotttta festivals. Like festivals are always around - throughout the month and the year. So yeah, that’s all I can remember for now.

Hope it helps! Lots of Love <3


I see, I was just clearing it up to the other person that bindi isn’t for married women only; that’s sindur (?!) And as far as I know it’s a cultural asset rather a religious one? Popular in all of South Asia not just in India

Um I’m Indian as my family is from India but I was born and raised in the US, I don’t where a Bhindi unless I’m going to a fancy Indian party, and then only some times. We eat a lot of rice, and chicken, but lots of Indians are vegetarian. Also many people speak languages like Telugu and Hindi. I’ll tell you more but my fingers hurt from typing.

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