I need help with indian culture

I’m am writing a story that involves a married Indian, but I don’t want to get it wrong or offend anyone. Do all Indian married women wear the red dot (bindi on her head). And do they wear a sari for their everyday lives. So do you guys have some knowledge of the or anything that I need to be aware of. Would it be something like this??

•Married Indian women don’t always wear that red dot on their forehead rather they apply sindoor (vermillion) on their hair parting
• Most married Indian women are house wives.
• I don’t think they wear saris all the time, they also wear some of their Indian attire.

Hope this helps

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What is this

Just tagged some Indian friends that might be able to provide more answers and give more perspectives.

okay thank you

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Yeah as @Rody_writes said…
Married indian women not necessarily wear a bindi but it’s not wrong if you let her put one though.
(I’m talking about the Hindu women in particular)

And yes, they wear a saree but some prefer to wear them everyday while for some it may not be the first choice but yes they do wear.

Hope this helps

okay thank you this helped a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Modern married women in Indian don’t wear sarees and bindis on a daily basis. My mother used to wear a bindi everyday but now she’s in her 60s and has stopped it.

Depending on which part of India they live in and and how conservative they are or aren’t, they may or may not wear a saree everyday.

You can if you want make her wear a bindi with casual western wear if you want. It’s not weird to do that. My old workplace (I live in India) I had two married coworkers who wore bindis over jeans and T-shirts.

Tbh the sarees in the portal are kind of “fancy” they aren’t ones that Indian woman would wear for daily wear. I suggest leaving those only for formal occasions.

Thank you for the advise :grinning:

As an Indian myself.

If u r writing a cultural couple… Like who believes in gods and tradition too much.
Then I advice.

  • let her wear bindi (not at night)
  • they dont wear sarees but a suit… U can use a uhhmmmm… Lets say clothes that reaches kneews with bottoms
  • let her wear a locket indicating mangalsutra
  • makeup

Indians believes that a married wife or women should wear bindi, mangalsutra and makeup… just to have her husband safe. (Old believers)

But if its a modern couple then I suggest just a regular clothes would do.
But if there’s a party or something scenes where they go out with family or anywhere then let her wear bindi, mangalsutra and all. Bcz they like to do it occassionally just bcz old people dont say and taunt them that they dont follow traditions :laughing: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you so much this is help for too :grinning:

i am an indian and now a days not all married indian women wear saree like they prefer modern clothes and bindi is used by some its practically if u like them u wear them and not necessary

Hi, I lived 1/2 of my life in India in a major metropolitan city. From my observations the daily outfit style of an indian wife changes on her age, if she works and income level.

For most middle class, I’ve seen them wearing kurtas (think short dress and pants). Bindi is optional but IMO they make us look more beautiful. Upper class are much more modern, they wear designer tops and jeans mostly.

Maybe we could help u if u gave some background of the character. If it’s a side/ bg character you can’t go wrong with a kurta, jeans/ leggings and bindi. You could also use indian looking gold jewellery as well.

Kurta example:

this is cool

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Thanks, I tried my best. We need more modern Indian clothes in the game.

ya we do

She is one of the 5 side characters. she the main characters bestfriend and she married and has a child. she’s 23 years old. and they live in America

let her wear modern clothes /normal clothes cuz she is young and if there is any festivals marriage or something then a bindi mangalsutra

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okay, thank you

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