I need help with kissing..,

I don’t know how to place my characters or what I have to type for the kissing scene. Can someone please help me :smile:

What are you having issues with?

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I have everything ready I just don’t know what to type to make my characters kiss, what I want is for the guy to kiss peck the girl and for her to do the repulse action I already have what she’s gonna say but I just need for the guy character to try to kiss her etc…

Well, here is a script for what you had in mind (change things to fit your preference):

@MALE stands screen center AND MALE faces left AND FEMALE stands screen right AND FEMALE faces left (you may want to use more advanced spot directing)

@ MALE moves to layer 2

@ FEMALE moves to layer 1

@MALE is [insert kiss animation here] AND FEMALE is [insert animation here]

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Thanks so much! I’ll try it right now! :slight_smile:

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