I need help with layers for my story🥴

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong😅it’s not putting the character I want in the front I tried diffrent numbers but it’s not working🤦🏽‍♀️

Ok thank u so much☺️


@add Pink Baby Bundle to MRS REED
@add Pink Baby Bundle to MR KING

&MR REED spot 1.091 120 114 in zone 1 at layer # AND MR REED faces left AND MR REED is talk_sheepish
&MRS REED spot 1.001 31 131 in zone 1 at layer # AND MRS REED faces right AND MRS REED is rock_baby_prop_loop
&MR KING spot 1.091 262 111 in zone 1 at layer -2 AND MR KING faces left AND MR KING is rock_baby_prop_loop
&MRS KING spot 1.001 193 135 in zone 1 at layer # AND MRS KING faces right AND MRS KING is talk_sheepish
&YOUNG ADRIAN spot spot 1.280 270 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND YOUNG ADRIAN faces left AND YOUNG ADRIAN is arms_crossed_angry

#script goes here

  • p.s replace the # with a number (ex. 2)

thank you :slight_smile:

np :+1:

BTW I recommend to check out:



Also you only need to make them stand in the scene once. you have a character stand at a specific spot and then you have them stand at another (ex. MRS REED is standing at screen left but also at spot 1.001 31 131-you only need to pick one and have her at that position, same for the other characters you set up in the beginning of the scene)

Another thing to check out: Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots

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