I need help with LAYERS!

I’m trying to figure out layers and for some reason it just won’t work.
Here is the script:
@DAD enters from right to spot 1.280 270 0 AND DAD moves to layer 2
DAD (talk_call_out)
Kat? You home?
@KAT enters from left to spot 1.280 220 0 AND KAT moves to layer 1
Please help!

Do you want Dad to be in front or behind Kat?

Refer to this photo I’ve found on google :slight_smile:

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@DAD moves to layer 2

Same with Kat
@KAT moves to layer 1

Check out: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Hope everything works out! :rabbit::black_heart:

I want Kat to be in front of Dad, but currently she is behind Dad.

If you want Kat to be in front of her dad, you need her at a higher layer than him : )
So if he’s at layer 1, she would be at layer 2.
If he’s at layer 5, she would be at layer 6.

…And so forth.

Thank you!

No problem :wink:

Resolved and closed. :smiley: