I need help with lightness

I really need help with lightness. How do you do backgrounds darker then they are? Like even if it’s a day background, you can make it darker and it’ll look like it’s a night. I don’t know if I explained properly :sweat_smile:. I can do such a thing on the screen, but how save it Idk. Also I know that it somehow connects with filters. If anyone knows how to do it, help me, please) :blush:

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when i make night version of backgrounds i put this on it:

and lower opacity. :))

You could use the overlay EFFECT DIM 60

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And lower the opacity?

Thanks, I’ll try it)

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You can if you want to, but you don’t necessarily have to.


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you can do it yourself in-game by turning down the hsl

in the web or mobile previewer open up these things in order:
1.) “directing helper”
2.) “filters helper”
3.) turn the “lightness” down

Visual Help

just don’t forget to copy the code and put it into your script


Oh God, I didn’t notice that there is a cod on the screen​:flushed:. Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:

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