I need help with making characters rise up ASAP!



In the story ‘Meet the Adams’, the character is seen rising up behind something and it looked really funny. Anyone know the script for this!?


It is really simple. There is no animation for that actually. The animation are being used for making the characters “rising up” is that they use the “idle” animation. You know how to code a character to move to one spot to another right? Here is an example that would give you the idea.

EX. Let’s say I want LUARA to rise up
@LUARA walks to spot 1.68 -23 98 in zone 1 in 1.2
&LUARA is idle

Basically you use the idle animation and the same coding for walking. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


You got the right idea but you have to put “CHAR is idle” on the same line as the walking command, otherwise the character will walk first then do the idle animation afterwards. But use “does it while” instead of “is”

@LUARA walks to spot 1.68 -23 98 in 1.2 AND LUARA faces left AND LUARA does it while idle


Thank you so much!! <3


You use “does it while” for that kind of situation.
But if you want to do 2 (or more) things at the same time by using & and @ you need to use write the & before the @ for example:

&CHARACTER exits right
@transition iris out white in 2

Just an example, the character exits right and the transition ends the scene at the same time, if I would write it like:

@transition iris out white in 2
&CHARACTER exits right

after the transition it will come back to the scene and the character will exit, and it won’t even happen at the same time. Did you get the idea?


Yes! Thank you so much!!! <3333:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: