I need help with making my story more interesting

I need anyone to help me here

So, whatcha got so far?

Make a brainstorming book and Google great story ideas for what ever your story is about for examples if your story is a drama filled story look up great ideas for a drama story. Happy writing!

I have a school girl who gets pregnant after transferring to a new school…mum chases her away…lives with her dad…meets a guy and goes out with him and gets shot on that day and loses one of her twin daughters


What about the boy, stops talking to her or that she gets picked on because she’s pregnant & in high school? Something like that

The boy doesn’t even talk to her until about 4 or 5 months later since she lives with her dad

Ok, well what about you add some plots to this story, Make it look like she’s confused as to how he life is going. But,also add a miracle to this story

Yeah…I also need help with choices

Would you mind writing this story with me??

I’m currently writing a story, but what type of choices do you have in mind?

whether to kiss or not to kiss someone

And choices between two or more outfits

well do you know how to do choices?

I do but then every time I try save the episode it displays an error

Well, that means you probably did something wrong. Are you doing limelight or ink?

I’m using limelight

Check this out then: https://youtu.be/Y5U7jAUpGFk

Thank you for the video link

You welcome! Did it help?