I need help with math!

So…I need help with these 2 problems:


I’m almost done with the assignment but these two are really hard. I’d be grateful to anyone who can help. TYSM!


Hey, so I have the answers for both of them, but would you like me to explain how I got them or just me to give the answers :))?

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A quick explanation would be nice :blush:

Got it; Ill try to make it concise

1.) 56 miles because since 1/4=2/8 so 2/8+3/8= 5/8. That makes 12+9=3/8 of the distance Sam did that we know. So if you divide 21(12+9) by 3/8, you get 56 miles as the total distance.

2.) Similar to above, do 5.60 divided by 4/5. That gets 7 as if we paid 5/5, so then you multiply 7 by 7 3/4 which gets the answer $54.25.

I hope these help :))

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TYSM! I’m so grateful

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