I need help with messages , someone?

in the messages … when you click on “Kyle’s Messages” the messages will appear and then the option to read back will appear to read the messages of the mother … But if you choose “Mom’s messages” I leave directly and do not go back to read the others. how do I do?d028e8ebd57759aebde9922527484ef2e2faa66c_1_281x500

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Hi! Your label on Mom’s doesn’t track back to the same one! Yours says read_more when your original label is read_message. That’s why it isn’t going back. I hope this fixes the problem!

Your portal is telling you on the side that read_more doesn’t exist because you started with read_message.

I see the read_more in the brackets with Kyle. I’m pretty sure you can’t put a label in a choice. It has to come before or after. Maybe model it like this:

What messages would you like to view?

choice “Mom” {
Blah blah blah
goto read_message
} “Kyle” {
Blah blah blah
goto read_message
} “Done” {
Blah blah blah

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