I need help with motive for my character

I want to write a story about a girl who is in a car crash, and then loses her memories. Her goal is of course to get her memories back, but I don’t know what kind of motive she could possibly have.

Well is she some kind of a criminal maybe? She doesn’t know that so she walks around the street like she’s a normal human and has a run-in with a cop she was running away from when she got into the crash so she runs away from him/her and hides from everyone trying to remember who are her allies to find out who she really is?

Someone could have been there with her when she woke up, who claims to be someone close to her, then the person could talk about interesting memories with the said person and it urges her to regain her memory
Or as an alternative, she she could have been involved in somewhat of a gang, who is out to get her, hence the car accident, and she’s trying to remember what her past self got her into
Just a few idea’s

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I was thinking she comes from a wealthy family, and her husband was the one who crashed into her car after an argument. He just wanted her money, so he thought he would get it after she died, but he didn’t. I want the MC to meet the love interest after she makes it out of the car, but all of this is really messy and I don’t know how to make it into a story

Those are great ideas, I will consider those possibilities!

From the beggining I think you should start only with the crash and nothing else. No background story or anything. As @Quoriota mentioned, she could meet her love interest at the scene of the crash. Maybe he/she could become her only trusted person. Her so called husband comes after her in the hospital but she gets a weird vibe off of him and sends him away? That could make the intro…

Yeah, but what’s her motive?

to recall her memories and get revenge on her husband. Make the world know the truth about him.

I am not sure if I understand…
You are looking for motive why is she looking for her memories?

Well not knowing what else you plan what will happen in the story it is kinda not certain what to answer but in general it is not an easy cace and pretty confuzng to not to remember who ou are so the first motive of evrbody who lost memory is get it back because thay simply want to know who they really are.

And this will be main motive in any kind of story with lost memory you plan.


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