I need help with my art stuff

Can smeone tell me why my art does this when I want to send it this happons

then ones I send this it wont let anyone click on it for some reason and it’s a png so why does it do this

and @Sydney_H I think I’m at the wrong one can you send it to the right one I just don’t know were to put this topic?

I can click on it if it’s an overlay, some overlays let you click it on and others don’t. I believe it depends on the size of it?

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Do you know what size it has to be to let peopl click on it?

You’d have to use tappable instead of choices and it would have to use the same name as the overlay.

Something you have to watch out for is the entire image is tappable, this includes the part that’s invisible. I’d crop the image first before uploading it. Also, overlapping tappable overlays will make most of them untappable, so leave some space between them.

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No not on my story on the forums if you scroll up and tap on the leaf it doesn’t let you tap on it so you can download it if that makes sense to you

It won’t let me tap on it to enlarge it, however if you press and hold (phone) or right click (computer) you can still download it

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I know that I’m just wandering why it does that with my device lick if it’s an png or something it won’t let me but if it’s and background it will let me see the difference

@Sydney_H you can close this topic as well I forgot about this one. :blush:

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