I need help with my art

So I recently started trying to make my own art scenes and covers for my story.
Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 18.08.35
This is an example of the cover that I made
I use ibispaint
Does anybody have any tips or anything to improve it, because I see all of these art scenes and I literally have no idea whatsoever how you make them yourself.


Shadows! That’ll make the drawing much more realistic. Use a airbrush or something similar and with a slightly darker color shadow around the face, arms, etc. I dont use that app but shadowing makes magic! Literally.

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I suggest shadowing on their body and face. Also, you could add clothes wrinkles and shadows too. You’re really good at line art! I could never :sob:


shadows, some shadows create more life in the picture. I usually go for two colours on skin and clothes, and 3 on hair.

I love your cover!!


• Thinner lines (if you want to do realism, remove the outline)
• Add value to make it look 3D, right now is 2D (there is nothing wrong with it but realism is 3D)
• The hand of the blue shirt guy has no movement, so I would maybe put the hand on the other guy shoulder or face and make it look like it belongs there
• Some colors are out of the outline (if realism you won’t have to worry about that cause you gonna get rid of the outline at the end
• Had value and lines to the hair (ibis paint has a brush called hair, use that one)

Thanks guys! The tips really helped :heart::heart: