I need help with my character (muslim community)

Is this attire okay for her to wear? And i made her name Hafsa. Is this disrespectful? Do i need to keep anything in mind in my story since shes included? Is it disrespectful if i make her a teacher in the school?

its all fine. and the meaning of hafsa in paradise woman soound and judgement.

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Thank u so much. and oh okay thank u :))

Hello! Just wanted to say wrists and ankles should be covered.


Hair’s are not suppose to be shown at all, so I would usually let the Muslim characters bald, it would fit best when they’re wearing hijabs.

Ohhhh, thats what was poking out of the scarf/hijab Thank u!

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of course. if you still have any questions feel free to ask me.

u should try adding the “Turtleneck Inner Shirt Cotton White” that will cover up to her wrists & maybe change the sneakers to high ankle boots that will cover her ankles?? hope this helps. (that is if you still want to keep this outfit on)

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What pants should i use? because thats the thing im struggling on rn

Search up high waisted and it will give you options that cover the ankles if they don’t add boots.

Okay, thank u sosos much!!