I need help with my coding!

Line 70 - you need dialogue underneath


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That specific error in the screenshot (line 63) might be because there is nothing in the choice, you can put in a random piece of dialogue as a place holder if you want to code that scene later.

For the “not starting with the @” error, I think it’s talking about line 50 and 57. The script probably doesn’t know what you’re talking about.


} “She looks perfect” {


Okay, Eden move along…!


The period is outside the speech marks. That is the unexpected garbage.

that should work!



You don’t need any dialogue within an option for a choice. It can be blank and it will save without errors.

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On line 63 remove the “.” Before the {

I changed it to this but it’s still not working

You need to put } before the sentence

}" She looks perfect

Remove the spaces just put


If that doesn’t work you need to put dialogue under the choice.

“She looks perfect!”{


Okay, Eden move along…!

@EDEN is eyeroll_sarcastic

Copy this and paste in your script or look at the difference

}" She looks perfect" {

Narration and the character dialouge goes here


It must not be outside the brackets

ohh, okay thank you.

Done that now, thank you so much.

Ohh thank you so much!

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Glad I could help, You’re welcome

thank you so in reference to this what would i do?

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Oh okay ,thank you so much this is so confusing the first time round!!