I need help with my cover! I'm new

How do you create a good cover? I’m new so I’m still learning

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I use IbisPaint X. It is super easy to use. Great for new people making art!

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Depends on what device you’re using. If you’re on a computer, I would suggest pixlr or photoshop.
If you’re on a mobile device however I would recommend Phonto :slight_smile:

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I’m using IbisPaint X, I’m new to that app and Im just figuring out the post rn. After that I have an idea on what to draw/trace. You can also add highlights and contour. There are many brushes to give different effects!

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I use Canva it’s easy to use and I recommend using overlays

If u would like I could do one for u :relieved:

Or if u want to practice on your own that’s fine too

I’ll try, thank you!!

That would be nice! It can be a way to learn too

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Thank you so much!

So u want me to make one for u?

yeah :slight_smile:

Alright send me the character details please :blush:

Send me what your characters want to look like and what pose u want them in and the background u want and the author and the title of the story please :blush:

background from episode?

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No any background u want in your cover

If u want I can choose one for u

Title: Sweet Lies
Author: LittleVee

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Your cover is complete :blush::


Feel free to tell me if u want anything changed :blush:

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Thank you so much, it’s perfect!