I need help with My cover


I was wondering if anyone is down to help to me out cuz, I cant get my characters into my scene and I’ve tried everything. All I need is to get my characters, with the emotions and into the scene. If ur interested pls reply, and I send you the characteristics and emotions.


@Kalizzza is incredible




I’d be happy to help


Omg @Circe_dreamteam @Kalizzza what happened to ur profile pics??
dis be sad to meh


I gave up hope really


Hope is alway’s there
please don’t give up, ur an amazing gurl with a unique soul :heart:and the amazing taco queen of the forum’s :taco::crown:
( I am not goin to insist more bcs I repect how you feel and what you decide )
But if you go losing you will be hard 4 me :broken_heart:


i’m too stressed to look at my pfp


I’m sorry i didn’t know you were stressed
I’m here if you want to talk :heart:

I know you wouldn’t lol but the offer stands always :blush:


Thx. Ur nice but, I’m not stressed it’s just hella annoying.


what is annoying? lol forgive me I’m lost hehe
and you seem nice to!


Umm… did u still need any help


Oh that I can’t put I. The material I want.




Yes as in that I need help.


Ok what are the details?


Light skin tone, white eye color, defined triangle, deep set piercing, button nose, cropped black hair, thin eyebrows, and uneven lips blush.


And for the girl; tan skin tone, seductive arch, beach waves chestnut, blue upturned feline, oval, elven nose, and full round cherry red.


Ok. What’s the background, text, and pose u want?
Do the clothes they wear matter if so plz list them


For the girl, flirt coy, and the guy flirt wink, and for the clothes floral tank top, boyfriend jeans, and black high heels, and the guy, ripped jeans, black shoes, swoop neck sleeveless grey true.