I need help with my covers please!

So I am writing a story and planing on publishing in on August so you don’t need to rush if you do my covers. The small cover has three characters on it, three identical triplets and it’s vampire themed. The large cover has a girl running away from shadows that seem to be vampires, witches and hybrids but they are all just shadows. I’d prefer it if the small was drawn and large was edited, they are LL but I need someone who does free because I’m kind of broke :woozy_face:
If you need more info let me know.
Kce :sparkling_heart:

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I can do it! are there any character descriptions?

Yes there are. Do you have some examples though? I’d love to see some!

But I will publish it I’ve already coded the first 2 episodes I just don’t know for sure because I may go on vacation in August but that’s not. and don’t worry I am an artist myself I know that it’d be a waste of time for someone I’ve fallen into that trap two times

i do! just these two


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Same tbh. Some people on episode do not care if the artist did a job or not. Cause of course if u paid money then u will publish it and u care. But when it comes to stuff being free, some people just 3-4x the same stuff from different people


I can do edits!! pm me with some more info

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Can you please include some examples?

The small cover which I wanted done drawn is already done and I want the large one to be edited but your examples are soo awesome! I’ll keep you in mind if I need something else in the future though!

Do you do art scenes?

i do !

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Awesome! I’ll soon dm you to request one. (When I say soon I mean in like a week so don’t get worried if you don’t get a response from me immediately)

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you can request in Instagram to a group called @thewhitenotebook.episode

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If you’re not in a rush, I could do the edited cover!

I’m on mobile so I can’t attach my edits, but you can find all of mine in a thread on my profile :slight_smile:

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